ASAP - As Slim As Possible - LOSE WEIGHT FAST

Lose 30 POUNDS in 30 DAYS!!! -- NO HCG -- NO Chemicals -- 100% Success Rate -- Just THREE Drops a Day, Melts Your Pounds Away...


Slender FX Rev

ASAP™ contains a proprietary blend of protein fractions and amino acids to support the release of adipose fat stores so your body can use them as fuel. Follow the ASAP Program including the Healthy Weight Loss Menu for a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks as described in the ASAP Overview. If you have more weight to lose, you can start the program again after following the 3-Week Maintenance break from taking ASAP.


Healthy Start Weight Loss Pak

If you want to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle, this is the kit for you! Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine® - 420g canister (1), Ultimate™ EFA PLUS™- 90 capsules (1), Osteo Fx Plus™ - 32 oz (1) and Slender FX Rev (1)


ASAP Success Tips

Supplementation is recommended for optimal nutrition. For maximum nutrition support, it is important to add our 90 for Life Program, which includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine®, Osteo-fx Plus™, and Ultimate™ EFA Plus™ to supplement your nutrient profile.


ASAP Cycle

First, choose your weight loss goal. If you have 10 to 20 pounds to lose, choose 3 Week ASAP Program 1 – 2 oz. bottle. If you have 20 to 50 pounds to lose, choose 6 Week ASAP Program 2 – 2 oz. bottles.